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20% Therapy Discount

Our Mission

Even in current times, people that seek therapy to better their mental health are looked down upon and stigmatized for simply getting help. Mental health disorders are constantly downplayed compared to visible injuries simply because if they can't see it, then it must not be real. We here at Trash Panda Rage Room want to change that. We want to encourage people to seek our therapy if they need it and not be ashamed for it. Lets make it just as normal as going to a doctor for any other injury! We as a society have to break this stigma. That's why we would like all of our customers know that Trash Panda Rage Room is a JUDGE FREE ZONE. We will never judge you for coming here and letting our your emotions. Whether if you need to talk to someone or just need to break shit, we are here for YOU.

What you need

In order to receive a 20% discount the following criteria need to be met:

  • bring a referral letter from your therapist that states that they recommend this activity or that this activity is not likely to be harmful to the patients mental health.

  • no medical diagnosis or medical information can be in the recommendation letter.

What's next

Call or email to book your appointment, DO NOT book your appointment over the website or else we can not give the discount.

The discount is applied only when the letter is dated within 3 months of the appointment.

Once you have receive the required letter, simply show it to us when you come to your appointment and we will apply the discount at checkout.

*The reason why we require a letter that is no older than 3 months is to ensure that the customer is still actively seeking therapy.

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